Ask Us About Step 3 ?

It's never been about lighting the fire! It's about how fast you can get to STEP 3 STEP 3  Open Beverage, Put Feet Up, Relax and Enjoy! Stump Chunks gets you to STEP 3 Faster...........   All Natural,  No Added Chemicals,  100% Real Wood

Stump Chunks Now Offers Large Sized Bags

We are happy to announce our new 1.5 cubic ft Bag is in stock to complement our med size .3 cubic ft and small size .075 cubic ft bags. Have more Stump Chunks on hand when you need it.  This large size bag is the equivalent of 5 med size bags.  

New FAQ Page

Hi, Are you looking for more information about Stump Chunks that can't be found on our bags. Check out our "Most Commonly Asked Questions About Stump Chunks page below" Click Here