Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Stump Chunks used for?

Stump Chunks saves you time when lighting any fire, (Fireplace, Wood Stove and Fire Pit) at home or camping.  It also will get your charcoal lite faster without any residual taste or odor.

Is there anything added to the product?

No our product is 100% natural, made from the stump of trees.

Why is it better then what I now do?

Stump Chunks will burn hotter and last longer which will get your fire or charcoal lite quicker. It’s so effective it will actually light your wet or green wood.

How many fires can I light with a bag?

This depends on many factor’s, how dry, green or wet your wood is and if you decide to use your own smaller wood or kindling.  If you are using wet or green wood you will need to use more.  Another factor is how quick you want your fire to be roaring…the quicker you want it the more you use.  Typically you can get from 10 to 15 fires out of our medium .3 CU.FT. bag.

How do I light my fire with it?

Here is how the Roy brothers do it.  Place two small pieces of wood in your wood stove, fire place or fire pit.
Place a handful (softball size or larger) on top of it.  Place your other wood around it in any fashion you want over the Stump Chunks leaving an area for you to light it.  Light it in one area or several areas and enjoy.

How do I light my charcoal with it?

There are three basic ways to do this.  If you use a chimney starter use a small handful (baseball size) of Stump Chunks in place of the paper you would normally use.  I might suggest you place a 6 inch square piece of tin foil on your grill cooking grate then place Stump Chunks on that. Light it and place your chimney full of charcoal on top. You should be ready to cook in 5 to 8 minutes.  You can also place your charcoal in your grill and sprinkle Stump Chunks on top like you would cheese on a pizza. Light the Stump Chunks in several places and let it spread you will be ready to cook in 10-12 minutes.  Lastly you could place some charcoal down place a handful of Stump Chunks on top of it, and surround that with more charcoal, light and let it spread throughout the charcoal this should also take about 8 to 10 minutes.

What type of wood is in the bag?

We have our own secret recipe, it’s a mixture of select soft and hard woods. All from the stump, the part that is under the ground.

Is it a smoking wood?

No, Stump Chunks is to light your charcoal or wood.  It does give off a nice aroma and will not add any flavor to your food.