Stump Chunks – Kindling & Fire Starter is pleased to announce it’s October 2017 – Large Bag Contest Winner.
Congratulations to Arthur DeFelice, from Linclon Rhode Island, ……………………… Arthur told us, After being told about Stump Chunks… About a month ago I called Brassworks in Providence RI to ask them about using fatwood in my stove. The young man I spoke with, Jeff, told me about Stump Chunks. He highly recommended them and I was intrigued. Anyway, I stopped by and bought a bag and was immediately hooked. No more bundled up newspaper and hoping I had put enough to get the fire going. I was pleased right from the start with Stump Chunks, especially being an all natural product. I was also pleased to read the story of the 4 founding brothers. Stump Chunks is a great product with a great heartwarming success story. The brothers, any or all, have an open invitation to stop by my house. We’ll start a fire, talk about family, and have fun.