Stump Chunks – Kindling & Fire Starter is pleased to announce it’s February 2017 – Large Bag Contest Winner.

Congratulations to Valerie Frahm from Lake Forest, California

” If you don’t mind your charcoal taking forever to get ready and you like the nasty taste of chemicals on your food, Stump Chunks is not for you. If you want your charcoal ready to go in about 10 minutes and don’t want any nasty taste added to your food, then Stump Chunks is for you. I have never had my charcoal ready to cook on in such a short amount of time. I will never start a fire again without using my Stump Chunks! No problem with lighting them up (and they don’t go out like newspaper can do) and watching them do their job. I can’t wait to get my wood burning pizza oven this summer and use Stump Chunks as my starter. I recommend that you tell all of your friends about this great product.”

Thank you, Valerie